Cobook, the “smart address book” that integrates all your social networks with contacts stored on your Mac, is coming to the iPhone.

Interested customers are being invited to provide their email address on the Cobook iPhone page, with the company promising to alert them once the app is available.

Details on what this app will actually bring to the iPhone remain sketchy, but the Macbook version of Cobook, introduced at the beginning of the year, enables users to pull down their address book from the menu bar at the top of the screen.

As well as synching contacts from your native Mac Address Book with your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn contacts, users can add tags to specific contacts to make it easier to locate them. 

For example, the tag “football” could be assigned to all the members of your local Sunday league team, so you could send out a mass email to them all without having to filter through your entire address book. 

Cobook on the Mac is available for free, so we’d expect the same generosity to be shown for the iPhone version. 

Pocket-lint has signed up for further news on the Cobook iPhone app so we’ll be sure to keep you posted.