Apple has announced a new version of iBooks during its Special Event 2012 conference in San Jose, USA.

CEO Tim Cook explained that the store now features more than 1.5 million digital books, and that 400 million books have been downloaded so far. However, the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch application has been improved, with some new options to make it easier to use than ever before.

To begin with, a new continuous scrolling option has been added that allows you to read without having to turn pages. There's now also Facebook and Twitter integration, so you can share segments with your friends. And iCloud sync features are now present, which will sync your reading bookmarks between devices, allowing you to carry on reading the same book on an iPhone exactly where you left of on an iPad, for example.

Okay, Amazon's Kindle app already offers that functionality, but Apple has at least caught up.

A number of new languages are now supported, including Korean and Japanese, taking the total to 40.

The new version of iBooks will be available for download or as an update today.