iTunes 11, Apple's desktop software for managing its iDevices, is expected to be available from today -shortly after the company's press event, if its own hints are anything to go by. 

Apple first detailed that iTunes would be getting a major overhaul in Septemeber at the company's iPhone 5 event. It promised the software would be on users' computers before the end of October, with a bevy of enhancements to the current offering.

In a hint that suggests launch of the new software is imminent, Apple has told people to get ready for the new version of iTunes on its Inside Apple blog.

"The arrival of a new version of iTunes presents a good opportunity to spruce up your library for its new surroundings," starts the post titled, "Get ready for the new iTunes".

"The new highly visual approach to browsing through both your library and the iTunes Store leverages the memorability of images while presenting your choices quickly and fluidly."

The blog post recommends people sync available album art, and at the same time have a look at whether they should do a little spring cleaning of their music collection.

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