Apple’s latest OS X update for its Mac computers removes a Java plug-in from all Mac-compatible web browsers.

Fans of Java will still be able to use Java-based apps within their browsers but will need to download the official Oracle Java software independently first.

It’s the latest move from Apple to divorce itself from Oracle’s Java. Having stopped pre-installing it on its Mac devices, another recent update saw the plug-in automatically switched off should it remain unused for any lengthy period. 

However, this latest update actively removes the Java plug-in, meaning consumers will have to go out of their way to reinstall the software.

Though Apple hasn’t said as such, Oracle Java has been prone to security attacks from hackers in the past, partly because of the large array of operating systems that use it.

Apple, which has long prided itself on providing a secure computing experience, has clearly decided to take the most extreme of precautions, removing Java altogether.