Caffeine addicts in the UK can now use their iPhone’s Passbook app to pay for their Starbucks coffee.

Previously this function was reserved for the US, but Starbucks customers in the UK and Canada can now also make use of the mobile payment method, thanks to an update. 

It enables customers to add their Starbucks Card to Passbook before scanning their iPhone at the counter to complete the transaction. Previously the Starbucks app meant that the cashier had to scan a barcode displayed on your phone before taking payment.

The update to the Starbucks app will prompt users into registering their most-frequented Starbucks stores, which will in turn enable the Passbook functionality in those specific branches. 

However, it seems Starbucks has failed to take into consideration Apple’s decision to increase the size of the iPhone 5’s display to 4-inches.

Though the app will still work on Apple’s next-gen iPhone, users are complaining of experiencing “letterboxing”. This is where a black border engulfs the app’s display, because it is unable to fill all available space. 

Still, with the Starbucks app now supporting Passbook, it should make that ritual coffee stop each morning a little bit quicker.

Pic: (cc) gray_eminence