If you’re an Apple iCloud subscriber you’ll need to check that your storage capacity hasn’t exceeded 5GB. As of 30 September, the cloud storage service will be limited to 5GB unless users upgrade.

An email has been sent to subscribers informing them of the plan to downgrade from the 20GB of complimentary storage that was previously available to customers who made the move from a MobileMe account to iCloud. Apple had always said that the capacity would be reduced, but 30 September has now been named as D-day. 

iCloud enables Apple users to back up and store emails and documents, though Apple has begun using it as a synching tool rather than permanent storage space, meaning less memory should be needed.

Those wanting more storage will need to pay to prevent the downgrade taking place. Otherwise users are being advised to delete items they don’t use or to prevent them from automatically backing up. This can be done through the settings menu on any iOS device.

If you’re already under the 5GB capacity then simply sit tight. If you're over that amount you will be alerted by Apple before having your account frozen, though this won’t delete any of your documents.