Apple Maps might be taking a panning in the western world, but according to users in China, the new mapping solution is far better than anything Google has produced there.

Blogger Anthony Drendel has written a comparison piece in relation to the two mapping systems and points out that users can zoom in much further, identify more points of interest and witness better labelling with Apple Maps.

Drendel also praises the fact that places are given both English names and Chinese characters in Apple Maps rather than in Google’s offering that relies on English (often badly made) translations - as seen in these two screen grabs (Apple above, Google below).

apple maps is better than google maps in china at least image 2

According to Drendel, Google Maps - which like Apple Maps uses data from AutoNavi – suffered when users left some of China’s major cities.

China has a population of more than 1.3 billion people and Apple remains one of its most popular brands. With over 100 million people worldwide already having updated to iOS 6, at least a fair proportion look to be well catered for in terms of mapping.