Apple is actively hiring former Google employees who worked on Google Maps software,according to reports.

The Cupertino outfit is looking to turn around negative opinion surrounding its new iOS 6 Maps and sources have told TechCrunch that these plans include recruiting the very people who helped create the mapping solutions used in  Apple's former operating systems - Google Maps.

What’s more, the same source has said the prospect of working with Apple on a new product rather than merely updating an existing service, as they would with Google Maps, appeals to many.

“Apple has a lot of catching up to do if it wants to build a robust mapping platform to counter Google Maps, so it doesn’t surprise me that it’s going out of its way to lure former and current Google Maps employees,” the source told TechCrunch. 

“At Google Maps, we know what data’s important, rendering priorities, keyword searches, and how the user experience is suppose to be.” 

The issue with Apple Maps, or Map-gate as Pocket-lint has dubbed it, includes places appearing in the wrong location or areas being completely covered in cloud.