(Pocket-lint) - With iOS 6, Apple has launched Apple Maps, a replacement for Google's Map app. Packed with new features one of the key boasting points of the new Apple Maps is the new 3D mapping feature that lets you see London as you've never seen it before - well unless you've been in an aircraft on the way back from America at the right time, with clear skies. 

We've been scanning the city to find a number of fun easter eggs to find yourself, here is what we've found so far.

The Olympic rings hidden in Tower Bridge

Before the Olympics LOCOG installed a set of Olympic rings on Tower Bridge to celebrate the London 2012 games. Before they were unveiled they were hidden - something you can see from above now in Apple Maps. 

The Royal Family on Sea Containers House


For the Jubilee river pageant, a giant poster was erected on Sea Containers House to work as the perfect backdrop. Apple Maps has captured that so you can still enjoy it even if you can't get to Lodnon. 

Big Ben's multiple times 


Taking aerial photos clearly takes time. If you look at Big Ben all the times on the clock's four faces are different. So it is 4pm, 12:45pm, 12:15pm, or 3:30pm? 

Olympic Stadium is still getting ready for the London 2012 Games


Remember the Opening Ceremony - tt was amazing, right? But when Apple's Flyover was going over it the stadium was still being built. In fact here you can see what Danny Boyle was trying to achieve with the Thames running through the stage. Oh yeah. 

Beach Volleyball at Horse Guards Parade


Still being built. 

The London Eye or should that be London Halo


Last time we looked the London Eye on the Thames had pods on it for visitors to stand in. According to Apple the London Eye looks more like the Halo from the mega Microsoft game Halo. 

The Gherkin


Someone's left a window open at the top of the Gherkin

Samsung's advert in Piccadilly Circus


You can't see the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the advert, but it looks like Samsung's advertising has paid off on the big billboards of Piccadilly Circus. The name Samsung can be seen. Subliminal messaging or what? 

Have you found any? Let us know in the comments below

Writing by Stuart Miles.