Apple headphones probably account for 99.9 per cent of all music listening or something lame. Sadly, they're rubbish, something that Apple seems to be happy to admit, as it's been working on its new earphones for three years now.

The redesigned 'phones are to be called EarPods, which is an abuse of the English language, even if they do treat your ears like royalty. Apple says that EarPods are a breakthrough in both quality and comfort. Compared to the old ones, which were neither comfortable nor decent-sounding, we suspect they are indeed a breakthrough.

So confident is the firm, that it's selling them separately from the devices with which they will normally ship. That means you could own a Samsung phone, and use Apple EarPods with it. Imagine the scandal.

No need to buy a pair if you're getting any one of the new iPods - apart from the shuffle - or the iPhone 5 though, as they'll be thrown in the box for you.

Sold separately at a price of £25 per pair, they are available now.

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