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(Pocket-lint) - Apple is set to alter the way in which we use its AirPlay streaming service, by removing the need for a Wi-Fi connection, according to reports.

Instead of a Wi-Fi connection, iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod would create their own wireless network, which in turn would pair directly with a set of speakers or stereo system. Music could then be streamed wirelessly from the iOS device to the audio outlet.


The Telegraph is reporting that that the announcement will be made on 12 September, the same day the much-anticipated iPhone 5 also looks set to be revealed. 

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According to The Telegraph: “Apple has not signed off any specific products yet and the ‘AirPlay Direct’ is a working title rather than a definite name.”

Such a move would be another step away from docking stations that have for so long been an integral part of the way in which people play music through their iOS devices.

Apple is rumoured to be considering changing the size of its docking connector, both for the iPhone 5 and future iOS devices. This would prove problematic for existing iOS accessory manufacturers.

But by making music streaming more accessible through AirPlay Direct, docking iOS devices would no longer be necessary.

Writing by Danny Brogan.