Apple is said to be considering re-launching the iPod nano, with a return to the taller model appearing likely.

The last variant of the iPod nano saw Apple opt for a squarer, more compact design. However, according to Macotakara, the manufacturer will relaunch the device later this year and though it won’t quite be as long as the fifth-generation model (3/4 the height, allegedly) it will be far more oblong than square. 

Yet the main difference in the redesign will be a home button, similar to that found in the iPhone and iPad. Sadly Macotakara has no leaked images of the supposed design, but this is the same site that correctly predicted key features in both the iPad 2 and the new iPad. 

Apple has unveiled an iPod nano every September since 2005, apart from last year, so one's well overdue. Whether the next version sees a return to the taller design or remains in its compact form factor, we do hope Apple reintroduces the camera which was sadly missing from the last iPod nano.

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