A beta version of iCloud for Apple’s iOS 6 has been previewed, revealing that iPhone and iPad users will be able to create, backup, edit and delete their reminders and notes on their PC or Mac computers with web versions of the applications.

Developers have had access to the iCloud Beta portal since iOS 6 was unveiled at Apple’s WWDC event. MacRumors.com has got its hands on a screenshot that shows that the calendar and Find My iPhone web version apps have also been tweaked for the iCloud service. 

According to the site, while the only fundamental change to the calendar app is that reminders now sit within its own app, the Find My iPhone app will now include battery status icon that enables the user to monitor how much juice their lost phone has before it dies. 

Though currently in beta, iCloud’s new web apps will be up and running by the time iOS 6 arrives this autumn.

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