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(Pocket-lint) - iTunes is set for a major facelift as it takes on the likes of Spotify in the mobile music arena. Changes include integrating Apple’s iCloud storage service so users can access and manage all their devices.

Apple has already begun tweaking certain aspects of iTunes, having made Podcasts its own individual app. This is meant to help iTunes users locate specific content easier - something about which it has been criticised, particularly with regard to mobile devices.


By implementing iCloud more into iTunes it’s thought that users will be able to access all their music and videos rather than those specifically purchased through the iTunes store.

Apple is also said to be in talks with major record labels that would allow users to listen to a song sent to them by a friend for free, before being given the option of purchasing the track. More content such as photos and videos will also be included when customers by a single or album.

Having been integral to Apple’s success, iTunes has faced stiff competition from the likes of Spotify in recent years. By making iTunes more social and accessible it’s hoped that Apple’s musical offering can get back on track (no pun intended).

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Writing by Danny Brogan.