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(Pocket-lint) - Apple is to introduce a new security system in its next desktop operating system, OS X Mountain Lion, as the threat of viruses and malware continues to grow for the system that has always championed that it was immune from all attacks. 

In the latest update to the developer preview of the company's soon to be launched operating system, Apple has introduced a new "Security Update system" that checks for required security updates, and if needed will automatically install any updates on your computer without your having to worry. 


It's the first time Apple has offered such security to its users. 

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It's not the only security feature in the new OS however, Apple is also introducing a new feature called Gatekeeper that allows users to block app downloads from developers who haven't been certified by Apple, or completely block any app download that isn't via the company's App store. 

The system might be immune at the moment, but it looks like Apple is hoping to cut off any attempts to change the norm. 

The new security system will also include strengthening the computer's "connection to Apple's update servers".

OS X Moutain Lion is expected to be available to consumers in July. Only available via download from Apple, it will cost £13.99.

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Writing by Stuart Miles.