If you thought Apple fanboys and gals are brand loyal souls today, cast your mind back to the mid-1980s, when computers were beige and clothes were anything but.

Even then, there were those who clamoured to get hold of products with the Apple logo on them, and the computer firm was more than happy to help out. It even produced its own catalogue called the Apple Collection in order to sell merchandise to the nearest idi... dedicated follower of fashion. And all within the trends of the time.

Appleapple fans were better dressed in the 80s thanks to apple itself image 4

Take the Apple calculator, you can't get more 80s than that. It's also a prime example of a time when Apple was happy to slap its multicoloured icon on to other company's gear (in this case Braun).

Or, how about an Apple windsurfer? The 80s sport of choice for the discerning city banker. At a cool $1,100 it wouldn't even break the bank - unless you take into account inflation, which would price it at $2,306 today, enough for a top-notch 15-inch Retina display MacBook Pro.

Appleapple fans were better dressed in the 80s thanks to apple itself image 5

But our favourites have to be the Apple branded baseball caps and sun visors, matched with fetching sweatshirt, slung jumper combination. We can almost hear Peter Cetera belting out Glory of Love behind the models. Although there's also something very American Psycho about them too. Hmmm.

What do you think of Apple's 80s geek chic? Do you have any ancient merchandise in your closet? Let us know in the comments below...