Apple is expected to announce details of the next iteration of its mobile phone operating system iOS at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, but is it what the users of the iPhone and the iPad want?

What to expect

There are plenty of rumours floating around the internet as to what we can expect Apple to announce at the conference and while none has been confirmed by Apple, a lot borrow elements of the company’s yet to be released OS X Mountain Lion desktop operating system.

Many of the new features expected have already been demoed in Apple's new operating system OS X Mountain Lion and will also make their way to the mobile phone OS, the site says, as Apple slowly joins the dots between the two.


Apple is expected to drop Google Maps from its own mapping app, opting instead for its own mapping solution. Rumours also suggest that the maps will include new whizzy 3D maps.

New look

Many believe that iOS 6 will sport a more metallic colour scheme - less blue and more sliver, basically. This year’s WWDC app is a good indication of what iOS 6 might look like.

iCloud Tabs

iCloud Tabs support is one of the features we've already hypothesised would be included. It will allow Mac users to carry on surfing on their iPhone or iPad by syncing the open tabs they have on their desktop browser.

Mail VIP

Meanwhile Mail VIPs, again found in Mountain Lion, will let you filter your mail by people named in your VIP list.

Do Not Disturb

A new feature, again in Mountain Lion, will let you turn off notification settings if you want to zone out all the possible noise. The feature will supposedly be found in the settings tab and work in a similar way to Airplane Mode.

Facebook integration

Rumours suggest that iOS will be getting built-in Facebook support to match Twitter. 

Siri for iPad

Other rumours surround the new OS update are that Siri will be coming to the iPad, having made a half-hearted appearance on the new iPad as a dictation aid when you need to type.

More iCloud

Apple is continuing to shift its offerings on the iPhone, iPad, and desktop to fully embrace iCloud. It's safe to believe, therefore, that we'll get greater iCloud support in iOS 6.

Safari omnibar

Safari in Mountain Lion has ditched the dedicated search bar, opting instead to let users just type in what they want to search for in the url bar. We would expect Apple to implement this feature in iOS 6.

What we want

When it comes to what new features we want Apple to introduce there are plenty, but that surely is a good sign that people enjoy and want to better the operating system.


We would love to be able to send an email to be queued when offline without it throwing up multiple connection errors and, if we are being picky, we would also like Apple to add a read all option, alongside support for different signatures in different accounts. We also like the new VIP feature, as detailed above and found in Mail on OS X Mountain Lion, and would find this handy for tracking family and work colleagues' emails quickly on the go. 


Notifications, especially if you’ve got plenty of apps that like to send them, can still be a mess. Windows Phone and its Toast messaging system - whereby the notification appears at the top the screen to be swiped away quickly - works a lot better.

Automatic app updates

It seems every day we turn on our iPhone or iPad and there is a little white number on a red circle that says we have updates. While we acknowledge that some want to be able to choose whether we upgrade our favourite app to the latest version, most just say yes. Wouldn’t it be great if, like Android, apps just automatically updated if you had previously said yes to the feature?

A more social contacts book

One of the greatest features on Windows Phone is its People hub syncing contacts with other social networks. allowing you quickly to see what's going on with people or groups at the swipe of a finger. We would love Apple to enhance the social connectivity of contacts through Facebook, Twitter and more rather than just giving you a button to tweet something.

Website page title in Tweet button

You find something interesting on the web (like this article), you press the share via Twitter button - and then have to type in the headline again. Groan. Why can’t it just grab the title of the page along with the link at the same time?


Apple is rumoured to be toying with a new iWallet system that uses Bluetooth rather than NFC to perform the vital payment with the cashier. It would be great if Apple added this or NFC payment support for apps in the future if or when the company does add NFC to the iPhone 5.  

Location based security settings

When you are on a train it is understandable that you would want to make sure your phone is password protected in case you lose it. On the sofa in your living room and we're not so sure. It would be great if Apple could add a trusted Wi-Fi networks options that means when you are in our home and connected to your home Wi-Fi you wouldn’t have to type your password every two seconds when you check your iPhone or iPad.  

AirPlay 1080p mirroring

The ability to send the entire screen to the Apple TV, meaning every app can be enjoyed on your TV screen.

Kill-all switch for apps

How many time have you had to press the kill button on each app in the apps tray to kill everything?Wouldn’t it be nicer if you could just kill them all in one go?

Live updates to apps like Windows Phone

Android and Windows Phone offer a host of live widgets and tiles to tell you what is going on at a glance. We love stuff like Runkeeper on Windows Phone (sadly no longer available) where you can see how many miles you’ve run that week or that month without opening the app. Likewise Shazam’s Tag it tile on Windows Phone is great too.

Make attaching photos to emails easier after you’ve started the email

You’ve started an email, you’ve suddenly realise it would be great to add a picture, oh wait you can’t. (UPDATE Turns out you can do this. From the comments below: You can add a picture to an existing email by going to photos, holding down until the "Copy" dialogue pops up, then pasting it into your email). One down, now how about the others on our wish list?

Quick access to Wi-Fi without having to go into settings

This ties in with the widgets and tiles approach, but a quick way to turn on or off Wi-Fi without having to go into the settings panel first.

WWDC 6 June

Apple is expected to detail the future of its operating systems for both its mobile devices and its laptop and Mac range at WWDC in San Francisco on 11 June. Pocket-lint will be bringing you all the latest news from the event as it happens.