Apple’s production line looks set to be expanded, with Foxconn said to be ready to invest $210 million in a new manufacturing plant. 

The China Daily newspaper has reported that Foxconn’s new plant will be based in Huai’an city, China, and will cover 40,000 square metres and employ 35,800 workers. 

If true this would mean the Huai’an city plant would be smaller than Foxconn’s other plants, yet it would suggest that Apple is gearing up to crank the manufacturing wheel up a notch.

The report stops short of naming what products will be built in the plant and the fact that construction won't start until October this year suggests we won’t be seeing anything anytime soon. However, once up and running the target output for the plant is between $949 million and $1.1 billion every year.

Foxconn is Apple’s main supplier with factories in China and Brazil manufacturing both iPhones and iPads.

What do you make of the speculation that Foxconn is to build a new plant? Let us know your thoughts.