Apple has added a Do Not Disturb feature to OS X Mountain Lion Notification Center, for developers using the dev preview version of the OS to check out ahead of its official launch later this summer.

Presumably worried that some users might find the constant buzz of email, Twitter, calendar, and other messages disturbing them via the new Notification Center, users will be able to turn off all notifications so they can focus on the task in hand.

It's an idea Pocket-lint believes in, as we were the ones who suggested it to Apple when we demoed the new Apple OS X Mountain Lion operating system in New York ahead of the official launch. 

Now, we aren't saying that Apple didn't have the idea before we mentioned it, but when we asked whether it was possible to create a silent mode so you could focus in on full-screen apps and cut out the noise from banners and notifications popping up, we were told that it was a "really interesting idea" and "a great suggestion".

Three months later and the feature is now included.

We'll let you decide who's idea it was.

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