At a quick glance, the Clique dock is a £25 piece of plastic that allows you to join your Apple keyboard and Magic Trackpad together. Er, that's it.

And, "Why would you want to do that?" we hear you cry. The two sit perfectly on my desk with little to no fuss.

But the Clique from Henge Docks isn't about using the two devices on your desk, it is about being able to fiddle with the two devices while lounging about on your sofa.

That's right, this is a piece of plastic that will make using your Mac while sitting on your couch considerably easier. And that's going to be great if you are planning on using the new AirPlay Mirroring feature when it comes out as part of OS X Mountain Lion later this year.

It's not just any old piece of plastic either. There is some engineering involved. A power button is present that allows you to turn off both the keyboard and the Trackpad with a single press, and without having to remove either from your new casing.

The Clique is available in the UK now.