A new bendable support arm that allows you to use your iPad at your desk without taking up desk space has been launched in the UK.

Called the HoverBar, the new gadget from Twelve South is incredibly simple, and likely to appeal to those who want to get more out of their iPad when at work, for example.

The idea is that you clamp the bendable arm to your desk, or the back of an iMac, and it is strong enough to float next your screen.

Twelve South says the idea is to then use the iPad as a secondary screen to display your calendar, dedicated apps, or Twitter feeds without interrupting what is going on on your main screen.

Of course those who don't work can use it anywhere you can grip on to something with that clamp, with the first suggestion to be your kitchen table - so you don't use up yet more space with a desktop stand.

Costing £69.99, the new HoverPad will be available in the UK shortly.