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(Pocket-lint) - The coolest looking laptop docking station for the coolest looking laptop just got a bit more real - the LandingZone MacBook Air dock is hitting the production lines.

Shown off by its makers InfiniWing at the Macworld event over in San Francisco this past weekend, the LandingZone is to become a genuine product after it hit its funding target using the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter. InfiniWing wanted to raise $50,000 to begin production and pledges hit over $82,000.

The dock, which packs four USB 2.0 ports, a 10/100T Ethernet port, a Mini DisplayPort capable of driving resolution up to 2560x1440, a locking port compatible with all Kensington locks and a power adapter, is designed to make desktop fun with your skinny 11-inch or 13-inch laptop much simpler.

You'll still have access to your audio-port, your microphone and SD card reader (13-inch model) and there's a nifty opening that lets you see the charging status without undocking. The lever is the USP though - we've never seen such an easy to dock mechanism.

There's no Thunderbolt on board - due to licensing issues - but there are plans to add Intel's new tech in the future, along with FireWire and gigabit Ethernet.

The LandingZone is a great solution that is sure to be a massive time-saver for fanboys everywhere - it's going to cost $199 when it hits the shops later this year.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.