A new take on the original Apple Macintosh has been launched at CES 2012 in Las Vegas; called the Padintosh iPad case it'll bring some retro styling to your iPad or iPad 2.

The new Padintosh, created by gadget developer thumbsUp, pays tribute to the Apple Macintosh which launched to much fanfair in 1984, the Macintosh really set the cat amongst the pigeons in the tech world and now you can simulate its greatness by stuffing your Apple tablet into case that looks just like it.

The Padintosh fits snugly onto your iPad 2 and comes complete with a screen cover to keep your coveted tablet safe from bumps and scratches. And apparently you can pretty much make use of all your iPad's functionality whilst inside.

No pricing as yet, but expect it to hit shop shelves sometime in Q2 2012.