Acer has announced that it will take on Apple in the iCloud stakes with a new service called AcerCloud at CES in Las Vegas.

In what looks like a carbon copy of the Apple service however with limitations, the new Acer service promises to "securely connect all personal smart devices for anytime, anywhere access" as long as they are made by Acer.

The idea, which appears to be identical to Apple's offering, is that users will be able to take photos on a smartphone while on the go, and then view them on a main PC at home or in the office, without the delay and complication of manually transferring files.

AcerCloud will cover pictures, documents, and files, although the files will only be available for 30 days. 

As you might expect, Acer is going big on this one, so the new service will automatically be bundled on all Acer consumer PCs starting Q2 2012.

It will support all Android devices, while future support is planned for Windows-based devices.

The service will be available in America, Europe, Asia and China. 

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