Following the news that there's a hidden panorama camera mode hidden within the depth of iOS 5, it was only going to be a matter of time before some clever so-and-so uncovered another useful feature that didn't make the final cut for the platform's release.

And that clever so-and-so has struck, and he goes by the name of Sonny Dickson. The self-confessed "hacker" has uncovered an Android-style auto-complete feature that presents users with a number of word choices to make typing quicker. He's tweeted pictures of the feature working on both an iPhone 4S and an iPad 2.

And the good news is, like the panorama camera mode, that you don't need to jailbreak your Apple toy to get the goods. You can simply mess around with your device's configuration settings using a free program called iBackupBot.

It's all about saying yes to the Library/Preferences/, obviously.

We're hoping that the next iOS 5 hidden treat is a link to the Android Market - it's certainly heading that way...

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