The new Apple Store app, the one we thought would land last week, has just reared its head in the App Store bringing with it the two key features that were widely expected.

The first being that fanboys can now choose and pay for their items using the app, and collect them in-store within the hour. This aspect is called Personal Pickup and is a US only option at the moment, sadly.

The other significant feature, although US only again, is the EasyPay system - which turns your iPhone (4 or 4S) into a check-out machine, and does away with the need of dealing with the always-friendly, but always a bit irritating, Apple Store staff.

EasyPay allows you to scan the barcode of your chosen iThing or accessory in-store and pay straight away using your iTunes account. Another new feature of the Apple Store 2.0 update is the ability to track your order.

There's no word on when EasyPay or Personal Pickup will be available outside of the States. The Apple Store app itself took a few months before it hit the UK in May, so we could be facing a bit of a wait.