Starbucks is set to offer free iTunes download cards for music and books every Monday.

The Pick of the Week cards will include artists like Coldplay, Tony Bennett, Norah Jones and the Kooks. iBooks will also be available free, including titles like the Damned United. The campaign launches with a free track from James Morrison, with In My Dreams being offered up on download cards from 17 October.

The Americans have been enjoying the Pick of the Week Starbucks setup since 2006, but it has now finally come to the UK. It means bloggers, writers and general Starbucks dwellers can now keep the Internet posted via Starbuck's free WiFi, whilst downloading a free track.  

Starbucks points to it as the start of a "global partnership with Apple". Good stuff really given the companies both suit similar lifestyles and customers. 

Shame that we don't get a choice of download, no doubt it will satisfy chart fans, but we would have liked to decide on our own Pick of the Week. 

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