Apple has released iTunes 10.5 on Tuesday night, allowing millions of Apple iPhone users the chance to get ready for the iOS 5 update rollout on Wednesday.

The new update adds a number of features, including the ability to load up your iPhone with Apple's new mobile operating system iOS 5.

Key for many users will be the ability to allow Wi-Fi syncing with their iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad so you don’t have to sync your device with your iTunes account via a cable.

Users will get iTunes in the cloud that lets Americans (it isn’t available in the UK right now) to store their music and TV purchases in iCloud, meaning your content will be available on your devices anywhere, any time, at no additional cost. UK customers will currently only get Apps and Books support. 

Users will also get automatic downloads, a very handy feature; on downloading content to one iOS device, it will automatically download a copy to your Mac and other iOS devices. You'll also now have the ability to download previous purchases.

You can get the new iTunes 10.5 update via the software update tool in Mac OS X Lion or via the following link: