iPhone 4S fans have already started queuing outside the Regent Street Apple Store in order to secure their place as first in the country to own the new handset.

Craig Fox and Daniel James, organisers of the My Great Fest or soon to be named Jailbreak Con, an iPhone jailbreaking festival, have been waiting outside the store since 4pm on Friday.

"We made a cocoon of umbrellas last night while it was raining", the pair explained to Pocket-lint, both of whom have been braving the changeable October weather to pick up an iPhone 4S.

"We are going to be very tired when they actually open the doors", they explained. "We like it that the first in the queue are jail breakers ... It's a good twist."

The pair will, for a minute or so, be the only people in the UK to own an iPhone 4S, before the rest of the Apple Store queue rushes in. 

"It is going to be a glorious minute."

When asked the all important question of whether or not they would be choosing a black or white iPhone, Fox and James told Pocket-lint they would be picking up one of each. It seems a justifiable reward given they still have got until 14 October before the doors of an iPhone 4S-stocked Regent Street store open.

As well as queuers for the iPhone 4S, flowers and cards in memory of Steve Jobs, Apple's former CEO who passed away last week, have begun to appear outside the Regent Street Apple Store. 

For those interested, Craig Fox and Daniel James can be followed on Twitter here, both of whom are regularly updating their feeds with pics and general excitement from outside the Apple Store. 

When are you going to be picking up an iPhone 4S? Day one? Let us know in the comments below ...