Apple has released yet another build of iOS 5 beta for developers.

The new build, iOS 5 beta 7, continues to improve the company’s yet-to-be-released mobile phone operating system.

Looking at leaked details about what the new beta 7 update offers, it appears to mostly be about fixing bugs within the new system rather than adding any major new functionality.

The news means we are getting ever closer to a release of the new OS and possibly the release of a new iPhone 5 from Apple.

Apple has promised lots of new features for the new mobile OS update, including an improved notification system and iCloud support.

Accompanying the iOS 5 Beta 7 update is a corresponding update for iTunes. It, iTunes 10.5 Beta 7, is also available to download for developers.

Apple has yet to set a date for when people, not part of the developer programme, will be able to update their phone.

iOS 5: What's new?