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(Pocket-lint) - Remember all the criticism of Apple when iCloud was officially announced at WWDC back in June, about how the iTunes Match service could only download your tunes, rather than stream them?

Well, all that hot-air looks like being a big waste of time as the latest iTunes beta (10.5 beta 6.1) has launched and, combined with the latest iOS 5 beta, provides an all singing, all dancing and, most importantly, all streaming service.

Insanely Great Mac has posted a video tutorial showing that the service provides not only the ability to remotely download tracks at 256kbps that are matched to your library, but to instantly stream them too.

Mac Rumours has confirmed that the streaming option works the same way on all iOS devices, meaning instant access to your entire music library from all of your iThings, whenever you've got a network connection. Nice.

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Remember iTunes Match is a US only service at the moment though - copyright issues are preventing the service from landing in the UK for now. But, if you do live Stateside, or know a work-around, then Apple will throw in an extra 3 months subscription for free (with your $24.99) to cover the beta period.

iTunes 10.5 beta 6.1 is available now.

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Writing by Paul Lamkin.