Much of the Steve Jobs fallout following his high-profile resignation as Apple CEO has been centred on the tumbling Apple share price, which fell 7 per cent in after-hours trading in the US - the only country where its shares are sold.

But Pocket-lint wouldn't be surprised to see those share prices recover in the next week or so - aided by an iPhone 5-flavoured tonic. Back in 2010, for example, Apple stock was listed at $258.29 on the day of the iPhone 4 announcement. Within a couple of weeks that price had risen to $277.69 - a rise of over 7.5 per cent.

Apple's last three September events (traditionally the iPod launching platform) were on 1 September in 2010, 9 September the year before that and 9 September also in 2008.

However, with IFA kicking off on 1 September this year - we'd be very surprised to see Apple let its rivals get all the attention for 6 whole days. Last year, Apple's September event launched the new iPod Shuffle, iOS 4.1 and 4.2, iTunes 10 and the new Apple TV, all on the same day that Sony's IFA press event took place, and a day before Samsung unveiled the original Galaxy Tab at the Berlin-based expo.

Apple is traditionally an IFA (and CES) spoilsport and likes to make big waves to gobble up all the attention from its competitors.

So, with Apple's share price taking an inevitable dent due to the step-down of its charismatic leader, it wouldn't surprise us to see an Apple event taking place next week. We've got an eye on our inbox, and we'd be shocked if we don't see an invite from Apple drop through in the next few days.

It's not for us to discuss Jobs' illness, or make suggestions that his resignation coincides with any health issues that he may or may not be suffering from. But it is fair for us to question the timing of the announcement. Apple as a company (with Jobs at the helm) has a meticulous attention to detail, and you don't become the biggest company in the world without making key decisions at key times.

Sure, the Apple share price has taken a hit, but the Cupertino boardroom would have planned for that. Did it plan for it with an iPhone 5-shaped trick up its sleeve? It's very likely, and we're sure it'll reveal its hand very soon.

UPDATE: Apple stock ended just 0.65 per cent down on the previous day's trading in the end, slightly above the NASDAQ as a whole. It suggests that shareholders have already started to forget the former CEO. Steve who?

Of course, it could mean that the market fully expects the iPhone 5 to come shortly too...

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