Usually, when the Apple Store webpage goes down there's two things you can expect. Firstly, that the store page will be replaced with the company's standard Post-it note holding screen saying "be back soon". And secondly, it will be having a refresh for a new product.

Today however, the online Apple Store has gone down globally with neither. We're not expecting any new products this early (the next one will most likely be the iPhone 5 in September/October), and instead of going to the holding page, we're faced with time out messages from our respective browsers.

Of course, this leads to another conclusion; could the largest tech company in the world have been hacked? Has the store been taken down because Anonymous, LulzSec or some other self-titled group of hacktivists have targeted Apple?

At present, nothing is coming out of Cupertino in relation to the downtime. Needless to say, we're currently trying to speak to our contacts to see exactly what's going on... Stay tuned.

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