The fake Apple Store in Kunming province, China, that we told you about on Pocket-lint last week has been allowed to stay open, despite its brazen ripping off of the genuine Genius-tastic experience.

This despite the fact that other shops in the region have been forced to shut-down because they did not have an official business licence. In total, five moody Apple shops were found to be operating in the region and three of them have since been closed down.

The reason that the fake store that grabbed the media attention avoided closure was that although it wasn't operating with Apple's blessing. It did have a license to sell goods and it's Apple stock was the real deal - although it's unclear as to what the shop's distribution channels for obtaining the good are.

China does have laws protecting companies' branding when it comes to the "look and feel" of a store, but a Reuters report describes the enforcement of this law as "spotty".

Apple has four genuine Stores in China but none in the Kunming province.