With OSX Lion now officially out in the wilderness and providing plentiful games of gesture based finger-Twister, many have been left wondering where exactly all the iCloud goodness is.

Thankfully, Apple has gone and confirmed OSX 10.7.2, which includes dedicated iCloud mail, contacts and calendars functionality. 

The update currently exists in beta form and hints at a possible pay per storage setup, offering a quick way to increase over the 5GB free allowance. Cloud based iOS backups are also set to be included.

You will be able to use iCloud to selectively sync parts of your calendar, contacts and mail dependant on how much storage you have. Things like photo stream and documents, all of which will use large amounts of bandwidth, can be either pushed to the cloud or kept local. 

Apple plans on bringing iCloud to the masses at the launch of iOS 5, switching on what looks to be one of the most formidable cloud services to date. 

OSX Lion is still so fresh out of the bag that 10.7.1 is yet to arrive, it should however start to make an appearance within the next few weeks.

iCloud itself was announced earlier this year at WWDC as a replacement to MobileMe and a new way for OSX users to manage music and data via the cloud. The service includes things like paid for App Store and iBooks content being stored in the cloud, ready to pull to any device when you so wish. There was however and remains no mention of a dedicated iTunes streaming service. 

iCloud? Excited? Let us know!