We know, we know - there's more than a whiff of deja vu to this story but Apple is reported to be preparing its stores for the arrival of Mac OS X Lion, with the platform said to be landing at 1.30pm UK time (8.30am EST) on 20 July.

And, given as the earlier reports of a 14 July arrival proved about as trustworthy as a News of The World editor, we've actually confirmed the new purported launch date with an industry source - and we're sure of its validity this time.

The original 20 July report originates from fanboy sites AppleInsider and MacRumours, with claims that hard drives bearing the Golden Master version of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion arrived at Apple's retail stores on Monday.

There's even talk that new MacBook Airs packing Sandy Bridge Intel chips and Thunderbolt technology could land at the same time.

Mac OS X Lion is a download-only release from the Mac App Store and won't actually be available in store to buy. It is around 4GB in size and will cost you £20.99 to download in the UK.

UPDATE: Apple has now confirmed it will launch Lion on the 20 July