Apple’s latest operating system has gone on sale around the world with Apple making the brave move to ditch any physical copies (i.e. a DVD in a box) on launch day, forcing customers to use the Mac App Store that’s available within Snow Leopard to download the new software.

Priced at £20.99 in the UK, users will be able to download the 4GB OS and run the simple install process to upgrade without venturing out of their home.

Worried that some might think that downloading 4GB over their internet connection might take days, Apple has said that it will also be offering a free download service in store.

Those clasping on to the physical world will be able, Pocket-lint can confirm, to buy a USB thumb drive with the OS ready to install, presumably similar to the one shipped with the first MacBook Air, some time in August. Apple has yet to confirm however when this will be exactly.

The move means Apple has well and truly decided to kill the DVD.  

Update: Apple has confirmed the thumb drive launch - it'll cost £55. Ouch. Looks like downloading in the Apple Store is the answer should you not have a decent broadband speed at home.

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