With the PSN all but restored and LulzSec gone quiet, you would be forgiven for thinking that the Summer hackathon was over. Not so..it now looks like Anonymous has gone and hacked the mighty Apple.

Before you get too excited, no there wasn't any details of the iPhone 5 leaked...What Anonymous did was simply publish some encrypted usernames and passwords from an Apple SQL database. The release of the information is likely to not be of too major a concern to Apple, what will be however is that Anonymous managed to get into its computer systems. The hack was more to prove a point, that companies even as big as Apple are not untouchable. 

The hack was revealed via Anonymous's Twitter account. "Not being so serious, but well (link removed) #Apple could be target, too. But don't worry, we are busy elsewhere. #AntiSec

Anonymous had targeted a currently offline Apple business intelligence website. There has also been claims by a non Anonymous of LulzSec affiliated hacker that he too has broken into Apple's system. Known as Idahc, the reportedly Lebanese hacker posted a pastebin file claiming he had used a similar attack to get into the Apple consultants network. He didn't however reveal passwords or usernames. 

Fan of Anonymous? We want to know!!