The amount of native iPad apps in the iTunes App Store has crossed the 100,000 barrier - meaning 25,000 new iPad apps in just over 3 months since the 75,000 landmark was hit in March.

It's easy to forget, due to the massive surge in tablets on the market since its arrival, that the iPad has only been in existence for just 14 months - making the 100,000 app mark all the more impressive.

And it's a booming market too. Trade reports suggest that Apple is hoping to shift 9 million iPad 2s this spring, and a further 14 million this summer.

As of the beginning of this month Apple had shifted a whopping 25 million iPad and iPad 2s worldwide - that amounts to an average of almost 60,000 units a day since the Wi-Fi iPad went on sale in the US on 3 April 2010.

With HP now entering the tablet arena with its TouchPad and webOS platform, BlackBerry enjoying some early success with the PlayBook and QNX, and the massive surge in Android's tablet appeal with devices like the Xoom and the skinny Galaxy Tabs it's definitely a booming time for tablets.

But there's little argument that, when it comes to numbers at least, Apple is still way out ahead with its rivals playing catch-up.

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