Apple has detailed the MobileMe to iCloud transition process, confirming that iDisk and iWeb will be canned at the same time - along with the MobileMe Gallery.

The services will cease to be available for fanboys after 30 June 2012, by which time you should have taken the necessary steps to get your pictures, iWeb hosted sites and iDisk data moved to alternative platforms.

Apple is providing helpful guides to help you move your photos using iPhoto, your sites to another web hosting service and your iDisk data saved to your Mac (or even Windows PC).

The MobileMe transition guide also ends rumours that Apple was going to get rid of its web interfaces - with confirmation that Mail (using your current .me address), Contacts, Calendar, and Find My iPhone will all be available through the new iCloud service.

Also in iCloud will be the new iTunes cloud interface, Photo Stream, Documents in the Cloud, automatic downloads and purchase history for apps and books, and a backup and restore function.

Apple's iCloud is due to land this autumn.