Looks like Apple's latest handset might not be an iPhone 4S after all, with the Cupertino based company planning a brand new design for the smartphone.

BGR has cited a reliable source as expecting a "radical new case design for the upcoming iPhone, though we have not been given any additional details".

The website is also pointing to an Apple event at the beginning of August, aiming to get the iPhone 5 into stores by the end of that month.  

Apple had until now been believed to be releasing iPhone 5 details at their iPod focussed annual September event. It may now be that they move iPod release information forward so as not to distract from the new phone launch.

iphone 5 could have new case design possible august launch image 2

The rumours of a case redesign are backed up by a post on thisismynext that also cites sources that a new case design will be coming when the iPhone 5 launches. The site, run by 8 ex-Engadget editors created a mock-up of what they thought the new iPhone might look like based on what they had heard. It shows a teardrop shaped iPhone 5 which is probably, with their own admittance, over played for effect. It appears the new phone may take a leaf out of the Macbook Air's book, bearing closer resemblance to the iPod Touch than the current iPhone 4.

Fact or Fiction? iPhone 4S or iPhone 5? What do you think...