Got a load of poor quality MP3s that you acquired using, shall we say, unorthodox and slightly apocryphal methods?

Well, thanks to Apple's forthcoming iCloud service you could soon be streaming those tunes to your iPhone / iPod / iPad in a high quality format - according to claims made by Business Week.

Its report claims that Apple's new music locker service, which we expect to be announced at its WWDC event in June, will mirror your iTunes collection in the cloud and stream to your iDevices in high quality - no matter what the bit-rate of your files is.

This makes sense as it's highly unlikely that, if the iCloud service does offer a mirror of your music collection, it would store differing versions of the same songs. We mean, we'd hardly expect it to be stocking a 78kbps version of Bonehead's Bank Holiday from the vinyl release of Oasis' (What's the Story) Morning Glory.

The report also claims that the cost of the iCloud service could be incorporated into the MobileMe package, or that a Spotify-style monthly subscription option could be on the cards.

Roll on 6 June so we can all find out for sure.....

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