The Apple App Store app for iPhone has finally made its way to the UK - with a revamped version packing many new options for British fanboys.

App Store 1.3, which is being rolled out globally for the first time, brings with it advanced customisation options for Mac orders; you can now choose the RAM, HDD size and the like as per the online store, and there are more in-store options as well.

From within the app you can now book Genius appointments at your local store, check out the appointments availability at other nearby locations, take a butchers at the workshop schedule and also get the phone numbers of hot Apple Store employees*.

The release comes hot on the heels of the (poorly dubbed) Apple Store 2.0 launch, which turned out to be the secret Apple event planned for the 19 May.

Live now, Apple Store 2.0 gets rid of the paper signage describing the devices laid out on the hallowed wooden tables, and brings in iPads to give you all the deets.

Well, we say iPads, there's no iOS action (at least not the iOS that we're used to), and the home button apparently does nothing. These tablets are purely product info specialist, although they do allow you to get the attention of an Apple staffer at the touch of a button.

Apple Store 2.0 first landed in the land downunder, but we're hearing that its now globally on show (including here in the UK).

*One of these options isn't actually available - we're sure you can work out which one.