If you needed proof that we're an trigger 'appy world then just take a look at the figures produced by technology analyst iSuppli.

It has revealed that app revenues (for Apple, Google, Nokia and RIM) between 2008 and 2010 rose from $206.1 million to $2.1 billion and that this figure is set to rise to $3.8 billion in 2011.

Not surprisingly it is Apple's App Store which dominates - with an 85 per cent market share in 2010. This share will drop to 77 per cent in 2011 but Jobs and the gang won't be too bothered as its revenue will rise from $1.78 billion to $2.91 billion in the same time period.

By 2014 the app market could be worth a staggering $8.3 billion - by which time Apple's share would have dropped to around 60 per cent.

Google is, not surprisingly, the faster growing contender for the Cupertino crown - it's app revenue will soar by almost 300 per cent this year to $425.36 million.

RIM held second place in 2010, but 2011 will see it fall in to third place. "Despite 69.2 percent growth in 2011 that will rival Apple’s App Store revenue expansion, BlackBerry App World will have the fewest downloads, numbering about 772.2 million, compared to a staggering 10.3 billion downloads for the Apple App Store and 5.8 billion downloads for Android Market," read the report.

The total number of apps expected to be downloaded this year? 18.1 billion. That's app-solutley mind blowing. Sorry - we'll fetch our coat.