Apple's cloud assault looks to be on course, with a couple of key events occurring within the last few days which suggest that the Cupertino giant is ready to revamp its operating systems.

Firstly, reports at the tail end of last week suggested that Apple had purchased the rights to the iCloud domain name for $4.5 milllion (with no prizes awarded as to what it might be using that for) and secondly a French site has unearthed some interesting findings after having a snoop around the latest Mac OS X Lion build.

It found a "Found My Mac" option, as well as two option readings: "Complete your Castle upgrade" and "Click OK to open System Preferences and complete your upgrade from MobileMe to Castle."

Murmurs suggest that Castle (which apparently was originally labelled "Newcastle") is a codename for the Cupertino cloud platform that will go live as iCloud eventually.

Combine the above with the news that Apple is supposedly doing deals with record labels with regards to a streaming service, and we're pretty sure we're looking at a cloud based WWDC next month.