There were murmurs at the end of last week that Apple had managed to sign up two of the top four record labels in its quest to take iTunes into the cloud, and now reports are emerging that the Cupertino collective has managed to tie-up Warner Music.

Warner Music is home to the likes of Aerosmith, Faith No More, Green Day Madonna and Linkin Park and is considered the third largest label.

Now, it's not clear if the Warner deal is one of the two deals already discussed - but what is clear is that it's full steam ahead for Apple in its pursuit for digital streaming dominance.

Is dominance too strong a word, given the success of Spotify on this side of the pond and the likes of Google and Amazon getting in on, or at least looking to get in on, the action?

Maybe, but with millions of existing iTunes users worldwide already in place, with millions of Apple IDs - it's not going to take much for Apple to top the pile. The tech giant is notorious for turning up late to tech parties, but arriving with a product that blows the competition out of the water (see MP3 players, mobile phones and tablets).

Ever since Apple bought music service at the end of 2009, the iTunes cloud rumour mill has been working on overdrive.

An with the iOS 5 announcements at Apple's WWDC all set to be heavily cloud focused, we wouldn't be surprised if Jobs and the gang decide to go public then with label deal details.

Roll on 6 June.....