A report by the Jerusalem Post is stating that Apple is looking to open a giant Apple Store which would be placed at the entrance of Jerusalem and hold the world's first Apple digital library.

We're not exactly sure what guise the digital library would take, although by its very nature we're presuming that it will allow public access to ebooks, music and movies, perhaps for free, which might appear to go against Apple's usual M.O. If the build goes ahead, according the report it will be ready within the next 3 years, with Apple working with Bet Yair real estate.

Although this concept is strengthened somewhat by a report saying that the Apple directors touring the site wanted to bring the 50,000 squ ft store to the city for "symbolic reasons".

What the term "symbolic" means in this context isn't very clear, any suggestions are welcome in the comments, although if the rumour turns out to be true the Jerusalem Post indicates that it fits in with other plans to build a "15-screen, 25 million cinema multiplex, called Cinema City, located in the same area."

Image: Berthold Werner