The VLC app for the iPhone and the iPad has been removed from the App Store - less than four months after it first went live.

The removal is due to an issue arising between the GNU General Public License, which licenses VLC and and the Apple App Store DRM policies.

Rémi Denis-Courmont, one of the developers of the desktop VLC has stated in a blog post that nobody should be surprised by the deletion though, and that Apple has previous when it comes to VLC apps.

"Even I do not know for certain why Apple removed VLC, and Apple will probably never state the truth", he said. 

"Apple has already removed VLC from the 'old' Mac Store for computers... already about 4 years ago, at a time when VLC was one of the most popular applications, and I am yet to learn the reasons why. 

"Apple received my copyright notification more than two months before they pulled the application...As such, it seems dubious that my well-publicized notification from last October is the root cause of the removal."

The VideoLAN system software engineer went on to criticise Apple for not adjusting or clarifying the terms of the App Store and hinted that he thought that Apple just doesn't want GPL software on its platforms.

"It is Apple's choice and business decision, therefore Apple would have no reasons to expedite the process. It could also be that they do specifically not fancy VLC on their platforms," he said.

The VLC app, like the popular desktop version, had the majority of codecs built-in meaning that you were able to play a lot more different file types rather than having to worry about converting your media files to an Apple friendly format. 

It's a shame that it didn't work out.