Apple has quietly wheeled out version 1.2 of its official eBook reading app, iBooks.

The update brings with it a new focus on illustrated books with 100 new children's titles, cookbooks and photography books released containing rich and colourful content.

There is also now a "collections" section, which allows you to group your PDFs and books into specific categories and switch between them by swiping,

AirPrint has also made its way to iBooks - if you're on iOS 4.2 (and why wouldn't you be?) and you've got a compatible printer you'll be able to instantly send over pages to print out.

Finally, there's a swanky new auto hyphenation tool for iOS 4.2 users, which should mean more words should fit on each page.

iBooks 1.2 for iPhone and iPad is available in the App Store now. It's free of charge so fill your boots.