As you may be aware, the Pocket-lint awards took place in London last night, with the tech industry gathering to see the Amazon Kindle named Product of the Year.

And we at Pocket-lint know how to throw a party - so you'll forgive us if we come across a bit, shall we say, delicate today.

For instance, you won't find us doing anything that may worsen the already pounding headache that we've woken up with. Doing something like listening to the new 90 second previews of songs via iTunes for instance.

The increase in length, up from 30 seconds, has been something that has been rumoured for a while now and it looks as if it has finally arrived - in the States at least.

UK users are still being treated to the 30 second preview time, but Apple policy usually involves a US roll-out, followed soon after by a global one.

If an Apple letter from November is anything to go by, the 90 second preview will be available for any song over 2 minutes and 30 seconds in length.

It's reported that music industry bods aren't exactly overjoyed by the idea of the extended previews though, with the National Music Publishers Association apparently concerned with performance rights of the artists.

Do you buy your music from iTunes? Will an increase in preview length make you more likely to part with your cash? Let us know using the comments below.